Electronic Funeral Expenses Payment Service

One of the processes that have been modified recently, concerning the bureaucratic aspect of a funeral, is the method of payment for funeral expenses. Thus, with the scientific precision of the accounting company “Logistor” we present to you succinctly the basic parameters of the Ministerial Decision.


a) The Funeral Home responsible for the ceremony issues a document for the expenses, with the deceased’s social security number (AMKA) and the beneficiary’s social security number (AMKA) and tax identification number (AFM).

b) The document is posted through the “Funeral Expenses Documents” section of the e-TEAFA (in place of the electronic invoice, a digitized handwritten invoice can be posted until 31/12/2020).


a) Submits the compensation application for funeral expenses to e-TEAFA.

b) Should enter in e-TEAFA: 1) the access codes to Taxisnet, 2) the deceased’s social security number (AMKA) and tax identification number (AFM), 3) their personal social security number (AMKA) and tax identification number (AFM), 4) a valid bank account number in which they are the (co)beneficiary, 5) an active email address, and 6) a certificate of family status.

c) Makes a simple sworn statement that they arranged the ceremony and are not entitled to receive the funeral expenses from any other domestic or foreign entity.


a) Is calculated based on the data of the electronic application and the results of cross-checks.

b) The payment decision is issued electronically in real time.

c) The payable amount is not affected by any insurance debts.

*The payment of funeral expenses for retirees and insured persons of e-TEAFA is made possible thanks to the Ministerial Decision (21919/7423/B/2272/14.06.2020).