For the past 43 years, our company believes that it is an indisputable right of every person to live and die as they wish. Respect is the key word for us, not only characterizing our company but also fitting better in the final farewell of a person.

Thus, our Funeral Home undertakes all stages of the cremation process of your loved one, relieving the relatives from the burden of bureaucratic procedures. However, what sets us apart is not only our unique expertise on the subject, but also the relief of relatives from unnecessary costs and uncertain steps, with our unique privately owned facilities in Greece where the human body can stay before the transition to cremation.

It is worth noting that the cremation process takes place at the crematorium in Ritsona, Evia, or in Sofia, Bulgaria, while relatives, upon their request, can accompany the deceased on the journey under our supervision.

Our well-trained staff is available at all points of our network to guide you better on this matter, especially in these difficult times